Star Trek: The Experience

Star Trek: The Experience was an attraction with a total Star Trek theme located at the Las Vegas Hilton.  It cost $34.95 to enter.  It also featured weddings.  It featured Quark's bar and several shops.  Shops included Garak's Clothiers, Zak's Grand Emporium, and Latinum Jewlers.  Quark's Bar featured several Star Trek inspired dishes and drinks.

There were two rides featured at The Experience.  THe Klingon Encounter and Borg 4-D Invasion were each 18 minutes long.  The museum was a self-guided exhibit.

The Experience opened on January 4, 1998 and at a total cost of $70 million to build.  It closed in September 2008 due to a decrease in attendance.  It featured over 200 Star Trek costumes, weapons, and props.

The attraction was 65,000 square feet, which included the shops and exhibits.  Talks to reopen the exhibit elsewhere have gone nowhere.

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Interview With Laura- a former worker (EXCLUSIVE)

Pictures (EXCLUSIVE)


  • There were more than 15,000 stars in the attraction's star fields.
  • In the Voyager Through Space attraction, more than 300 different lighting instruments were used as well as more than 300 speakers.
  • Twenty-four laserdisc players and 28 video monitors and projectors were used in the attraction.
  • The attraction requires 22 computers,  The computer's operating systems were OSD 9000, Windows, and DOS.
  • 23 original costumes were featured.  A few included
        Captain's Janeway's costume from Voyager
        Lieutenant Uhura's costume from The Original Series
        Zefram Cochrane's costume from First Contact
        Worf's costume from First Contact
        Odo's costume from Deep Space Nine
        Worf's and Dax's wedding costumes from Deep Space Nine
        Captains Kirk's costume from 4 of the movies (2, 4, 5, and 7)


Information contained in these pages came from the official site.  The interview with Laura belongs to All Trek/Star Trek Universe.  The pictures came from Stefan.