Star Trek Universe Privacy Policy


This information covers how STAR TREK UNIVERSE will treat personal information collect by this site.  It will also provide additional information on other All Trek services.




     STAR TREK UNIVERSE uses GODADDY for hosting of this site, therefore, information may be collected including (but not limited to) browser, IP address, and the page you have requested.


     STAR TREK UNIVERSE  uses a counter from an outside source that collects information of location and hits to the site.


     STAR TREK UNIVERSE uses cookies to track the visits to its pages.


STAR TREK UNIVERSE uses Google Adsense for Ads found throughout the website.  Amazon links are maintained through Amazon.  This is the only way to fund the site.  We accept NO responsibility for any ads found on the site or the links the ads Google displays.  We accept NO responsibility for what you buy on Amazon.


Information Disclosure


     STAR TREK UNIVERSE will not disclose information except to legal agencies, subpoenas, and court orders.


     STAR TREK UNIVERSE will not sell your personal information to anyone.




     STAR TREK UNIVERSE and its hosting company accepts no responsibility for any page outside of itself.


Mailing List


     STAR TREK UNIVERSE does NOT currently have a mailing list.


Message Boards


     STAR TREK UNIVERSE currently ONLY uses Facebook for message boards as well as its NEWS page.  We accept no responsibility to what people post.  All spam, hatful, or inapporiate posts WILL BE deleted.  Users will be warned or blocked.


     Obscene materials and spamming are against All Trek Forumís TOS Policy.  Continued abuse will be reported to the offenderís ISP abuse department.  All messages will be deleted that are against the TOS as soon as possible.  Any other violations such as threats and harassment are against the TOS Policy and will not be tolerated.  Email STAR TREK UNIVERSE with any violations.  Children under 13 will only be permitted access to Facebook with a parentís permission.


Updates to this Policy


STAR TREK UNIVERSE has the right to change this policy at any time for any reason.  Any changes will be logged here.


Updated Policy


STAR TREK UNIVERSE last updated this policy on May 27, 2014.